Casual Friday for Autumn.

     Girls, gird your loins! The fashion world is back to work with new collections after the summer vacation. As it is said in the wonderful documentary The September Issue, September is the January in fashion. We might be one month late but do not worry I have collected a few trends for you to be stylish this autumn. You’ll be ready to channel a convenient look without being stuck in to summer/winter dilemma.

       I spotted five trends of the fall-winter season that add up a few layers but remain light.

     The main atmosphere of this season asks fashionistas to go fifty years back to the golden sixties! We already had some collars the past seasons and they are back on the runways. Simple and structured cuts are what you have to look for. As the weather is not warm anymore and we aren’t in a freezing condition yet, I would advise you to choose mid-leg dresses or skirts with long sleeves, which were quite popular on the Gucci and Tanya Taylor runways.

16029-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2014-15   isabel marrant    tanya taylor

     Concerning the colors, you have the choice. You can choose to wear the traditional colors associated to: fall, brown, black, beige. But the main color present on different runways this fall is khaki. You can wear it with the eternally revisited  military jacket, a pair of classic but well-structures pants like at Balmain or a nice blouse. It happens to flatter all skin colors so go for it! You can also go extreme by choosing the flashy trend, as shown by the Valentino collection. You will be on your way for a vitamin cure just as if you were coming back from Los Angeles. To achieve a polished look, you shouldn’t associate too many colors. Instead, go monochromatic or choose a pattern but try not to combine green pants + a yellow top + a red coat: stay simple this season. Concerning the material of the season, leather has been celebrated by most designers. It is also the time of the year when it gets a little bit more chilly than in summer but leather always manages to keep you warm. You can go for the full leather look like at Gucci or you can wear something more conventional with touches of leather on it as well.

GUC_0571.1366x2048    00310h_442657643_north_552x    valentin

     You do not need a big warm coat because it is not winter yet! But a light jacket is not cosy enough? Well our favorite designers found a clever and fun solution. Cristopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum made the big come back of the poncho. A poncho?! We probably have not seen this in a long time but Barbara Bui can assure you that you will look awesome in this. If you are not ready to pay thousands of euros for a poncho with your personal initials on it, there is a lot of inspired pieces in affordable stores such as Stradivarius, H&M or Mango.

burburry prorsum       barbara bui

     As you can see through the Saint Laurent show, there is also an alternative to the poncho. That would be the cape!

saint laurent saint laurent 3 saint laurent 2

     The shoes! Which girl does not like shoes?! This season, heels were not much on the catwalks. Instead, designers created cute boots that are easy to walk around with. It is the comeback of the sixties knee-high boots. As you can see on the Saint-Laurent show, they are a must have. You now can see that there is a fancier alternative to those overseen Hunter boots. If you wish to give into the trend, Zara has a choice on knee-high boots that will make you look dashing might it be with a skirt or trousers. Ankle boots, especially Chelsea boots, are more laid-back but still very up to date.

saint laurent shoes       zara

  Also, if you follow the motto “less is more” you can add up delicate elements to your outfit with Karin Rae Matthee’s most recent creations on Featured are a few lovely rings shaped as leaves! (the currency on the site is South African so be sure to convert them to euros. Prices range from 15-60 euros!)

Karin Rae Matthee jewlaery    Karin Rae Matthee jewlery



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