Lundi Gras for Exam Motivation.

     The exam week for most faculties in Maastricht has officially started and the overall rush is felt. Some might think that it is an excuse for unhealthy binge eating (for those of you who fill up their cupboards of cookies) or actually skipping meals. Those are mistakes to avoid as we need energy and stability during the revisions and exam period. The goal here is to eat small portions but regularly. For those of you that don’t live in Maastricht, the following tips might come in handy at some point anyways!


     This is probably the most important meal of your day. It is at this time of the day that you can eat in bigger quantities as the energy you take in will keep you going for hours.

     Start off the day with eggs: Eggs are great because they can be cooked in many different ways, according to your preferences. The benefits? They contain exactly all you need to keep you going for a few hours: they give you the right amount of vitamins (giving you most of what you need for your metabolism in just one meal), and proteins (to build up resistance to excessive nights of studying and prevent you from having to many snack).

      As expected, we suggest cooking scrambled eggs:


. beat the eggs in a bowl until the white and the yellows form one.

. add a pinch of salt, a bit of cream, a bit of nutmeg and a bit of pepper (for the gourmets, you can also add cheese of your choice)

. let it cook in a pan whilst continuously stirring.

      Peanut butter spread on whole-grain bread is also a good option as it is made out of nuts. Nuts are great option for  brain boosting.


     First of all, avoid eating snacks at your desk as you won’t be fully concentrating on your meal and hence will feel less replete. Be sure to take time off to treat yourself in order to prevent yourself from breaking down.

     We suggest the Pan Con Tomate. You shouldn’t avoid vegetables during this period and the following recipe is easy:


. Find a baguette and heat it up (either in the oven at 500 degree or with a basic toaster).

. Rub garlic over the surface (pesto is an alternative) and drizzle with oil of choice

. Cut tomatoes into 2 and rub the juice over the bread. Add a pinch of salt.

      You shouldn’t avoid fruits as well so eat as much of those as possible. My personal favorite is the banana milkshake as it is filling and delicious.

download (1)

. Cut a banana into small pieces before adding into the blender and then add half a glass of milk into the blender whilst it blends.

. you can add a bit of vanilla ice-cream to it if you are feeling satisfied with your work or blueberries since they are known to increase the learning capacity and prevent stress (plus you’ll have a wonderful pearly purple drink on your desk)

     Avocados are a great for our blood flow and hence they contribute to good learning (the brain has enough blood to keep functioning energetically). Feel free to add a cocktail sauce to it to make it delicious.

. Add ketchup, mayonnaise, pepper and mix together. Add to the sliced avocado bits.


      Fish is recommended as it contains proteins and Omega 3 to keep the brain going and in bypass migraines aswell. You can fry salmon in an oil filled pan for about 5 minutes. Once this is done, press half a lemon to enhance the taste of the fish. You can also add a few herbs.

     Another option is a toast of sardines. Sardines are great “brain foods” especially because of the oil they produce.


     . Try to resist drinking coffee as it increases nervousness. If a few cups are proven to keep you up, you should never overdose as you might feel dizzy or sick. Instead, try converting to green tea to purify your body and keep you concentrated.

     . we highly discourage you from having sugary drinks as they won’t hydrate you and will bloat you up.


     . cookies, chocolate, cakes with flour are harder to digest so might leave you feeling heavy.

     . rice, turkey and potatoes leave you feeling sleepy in large quantities so they are to be avoided the day of the exam.

most of the photos are a courtesy of google as we didn’t have time to photograph this week!


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