Inspirational Wednesday for Exam Motivation.


     Whether you are in high school or at university, pressure is prone to show up at some point. But pressure, might it be social or involved with timing, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, it enhances motivation and pushes you to do your best. Sometimes it even enables creation.

     Today I will present the “100 rolls of film project” as the artist clearly has ambition to go against the norms of society and he goes beyond social pressure. When I came across his project, i was thrilled and obviously admired his work (still do and am over excited to see more results). The reason for which Alex Davis was chosen for this week’s post is because he has wonderful approaches to countering pressure.

     Alex Davis shows off the digital world by rejecting the pressure of immediate photography. The artist from Ohio actually wishes to show the beauty of 33mm-film roll photography. It also illustrates the experience of thrill provided while waiting for the development of years of personal involvement. The fact that he has about 100 films makes it so much more interesting as he has no clue as to what is being developed first.

     Then, as Alex Davis has a time and budget limit, he rejects the individuality of Art. With his project, he proposes something new: he calls out for fundraising on the famous platform Kickstarter. Your help can sponsor the development of his art. He then goes beyond the pressure of individuality of today’s world by glorifying collective cooperation. With the aid of his fundraisers, he develops his films one by one with the aim of creating a book and opening an exhibition at the end of the process. In this sense, he must feel constant pressure as he can only continue the course of his project just as long as he keeps receiving the funds.

     Pressure is then obviously found as a subject of his photography as he charmingly captures moments of a modern world. As a sponsored skateboarder, he has the chance to travel the world and bring back wonderful sights, that might or might not be excluded from the stress of globalization. Alex Davis will actually capture your attention with his raw and beautiful portrayal of urban populations or foreign landscapes made possible by his various cameras.

“I give you my word and my word is all i have so i stick by it by all means.”

be sure to check his blog:

or contribute on Kickstarter:











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