Casual Friday for Exam Motivation.

      Exam week passed by as fast as it started. You probably do not want to put too much effort in dressing up for the library but this is not a reason to leave your house with a unaesthetic outfit or unfit sweatpants. You could leave these lazy attires at home and embrace the chic with a comfortable style! Here are some tips on how to dress comfy by remaining stylish.

     The first style that I propose to you is the “comfy-everyday-basics”. It is usually composed of of a t-shirt with a cardigan or a pullover with a pair of jeans and flat shoes. But to vary a bit, you choose a pullover with a structures design that will make you look fancy without much effort.

                               Love is in the Air for Emma Watson!    2619900801_2_1_1

      The second style is inspired by important ladies on vacation, just as you wish for exams to be over. If you are the kind of woman to wear classic clothes, this might be a good option for you. It still gives you a stylish allure by remaining neutral, relaxed and comfortable. The flannel top with a Chanel inspired jacket combination is always simple but it works. Classic pants with nude ballerinas would do the trick. Add a piece of subtle jewelry and you’ll stand out of the crowd.


      If you are a more edgy person the “model off duty” version is for you. Large hats, leather jacket with colorful tops and loose pants are your thing. You can accessorize it with platform heels if you are not already exhausted from studying or with a pair of New Balance or Nike sneakers.

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     Guys, I did not forget you, do not worry! I have prepared two styles for you. Business students leave your suits home it’s (mental) training!

     The classic “Hamptons style” consists of a polo with a large knitwear cardigan and classic pants or jeans. If it is not too cold you can wear moccasins. Keep it classy, convenient and most of all comfortable. Materials are important so when purchasing an item, you should make sure the vibe is good as you will be spending hours wearing it.


      If are more like a hipster kind of person, go for it. A regular or a bomber sweater with a statement added with a pair of edgy pants and colorful sneakers are what composed your “hipster comfy” style. Which can also be used during the rest of the year if you feel like it.

In Memorium of Oscar de la Renta

     Oscar de la Renta has, in my opinion, been one of the greatest fashion designer that our world would ever know. He dressed up very important women going from first ladies like Jacqueline Kennedy to pop stars like Jennifer Lopez. He has been doing this for a time-range of about 60  years. Useless to say that the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando graduate enjoyed making women look  ravishing and feminine. His couture collections were structures but colorful giving an edgy perspective of what high-class women could wear. He will always be remembered as a great visionary of fashion.






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