Inspirational Wednesday for Halloween.

       What probably started off as a mere passion and magazine scrap-booking has turned into Alana dee Haynes career. Wishing to draw fine lines upon still images of the world that didn’t seem complete enough, she gives us another perspective on what the world might be. Growing up and established in New York, she has been an artistic contributor to, inter alia, Idol Magazine, Revs, Glamcult, and Simply Magazine. Whilst she proposes colorful versions to her work, today i chose to focus on the darker versions she has to offer.

       As a gifted child, Alana dee Haynes sets specific patterns on her work that hence distinguishes her from the others, settling her as a multi-talented artist in a world in which distinction is crucial to succeed. It is as though her eyes saw things we couldn’t and she was so mesmerized that she wants to share the beauty with us. Although her art is striking with charm it can be seen as quite frightening as well.

       First of all, it shows how easily our ideals can be overthrown. We often attribute meaning to our surrounding world merely by what is common ground. But then Alana dee Haynes comes around to totally overthrow what you’ve been fed visually over the years. As an example, she uses a famous nude photo of Kate Moss and decides to go further: By drawing lines on the models figure, the artist can be seen as going against the values of the fashion world. There is much more to the model than her picture-perfect body, there is beauty to be found in the silhouette, in her rock-n-rolled inspired aura. Fashion models are often stigmatized and taken for granted and Alana dee Haynes goes against this: “fashion should bring out emotions and be relatable, as if wearing your own skin and mind”, she says earlier on this year during an interview with Juxtapoz Magazine. Beauty is to be found in differences, a value the modern world doesn’t seem to support. Indeed, through her collaborations with fashion magazines, it is clear that the young women knows what she wants and imposes herself.

tumblr_mwvz0pg8Ch1qdot10o1_1280          tumblr_n2jq7oAI5j1qa4iv8o6_500tumblr_n6m0u4Y55Q1qdot10o1_1280         tumblr_myjahu313D1qdot10o1_1280

      Another reason for which i chose Alana dee Haynes’ work for this weeks post is because she somehow illustrates the horrors of modern society through her inked patterns. She rejects war, finds it frightening, like most of our generation. Instead of verbally protesting it, she prefers to insert symbols of her revolt such as fiery and open mouths invoking anger, dreary eyes showing sadness, medical aid crosses to illustrate danger. She also illustrates individual health issues such as schizophrenia that are shown by duplication of bodies.


alana dee haynes 5[8]        tumblr_n8wjzk3QTD1qc1vplo1_1280

       The last element that i will evoke clearly relates to Halloween. Alana dee Haynes clearly has her own personal world, in which gloomy objects are transformed into stunning visual items. She seems to be inspired by magic, the unreal and seemingly has a great admiration for skulls. Skulls are the symbol of death but she seems to glorify it instead. Embrace fate but reject the horrors society has created.

tumblr_ms0jiyWLzK1qdot10o1_1280        tumblr_n2c3x7S1Ar1qz6f9yo5_1280

all the photos are a copyright of Alana dee Haynes.

if you are interested in her work and want to explore more, here is her tumblr:

or her professional website:



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