Casual Friday for Halloween.

About John Galliano, Margiela & Comme des Garcons.

      John Galliano – icon and phenomenon at the same time. His fashion is breath-taking, creative and full of innovations and ideas. He was a designer for Dior, Givenchy, his own brand John Galliano and since 2014 for Margiela. Born in Gibraltar, Galliano moved to London at the age of six. After his college degree he studied design at the St. Martin’s School of Arts and graduated with honors. The well-known London fashion house Brown’s bought up his final graduation design and this was the starting point of his glorious career. Soon a contract with LVMH followed in which Galliano became head designer of the luxury brand Givenchy until 1996 and then of Dior until 2011.

      His very eccentric designs dominated his collections and very often depicted themes and designs of the 17th – 18th century. His collections reflected his love for costumes and showed designs and models with white faces and white old-fashioned wigs with big eccentric hats. These illustrated elegance with a touch of mystery.

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      John Galliano was not the only one who inspired the fashion world with a grungy look; fashion-houses as Maison Martin Margiela and Comme des Garcons also used mysterious and very eccentric looks. The face in the designs of Margiela is hidden behind well-elaborated masks, which underline the mysterious touch and eccentricity. Simplicity in design and exceptional forms are part of the design of the brand and might remember of costumes.

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      Another fashion brand, which revolutionized the fashion world completely is COMME DES GARCONS. COMME DES GARCONS, the avant-garde fashion brand was founded in 1969 in Tokyo and is well-known for its scandalous, sometimes even “creepy” fashion pieces. Shredded clothes and misshapen frogs contradicted the beauty ideal of the time and changed the obvious view we happen to have on fashion. Dark tones and exceptional ideas dominated the designs of the brand and contradicted to elegant classic styles as of CHANEL and DIOR. The designs of COMME DES GARCONS caused furor and outrage, but were soon being accepted in the fashion world. By now the brand belongs to the “fashion olymp” and inspires the wardrobe of many extravagant fashion lovers.

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      Now do it yourself since Halloween is coming and you gathered a lot of inspiration by famous fashion houses.

      Originally celebrated in Ireland, Halloween was a day devoted to celebrating death. During the time it became increasingly famous throughout the world, in which people found joy to dress themselves up. Year after year the search for the right costume for the Halloween party might cause some headache and the problem to the question “What shall I wear?” seems to be getting harder and harder to answer. Of course everybody can find some core inspirations in costume shops, which provide a variety of interesting accessorizes and clothes. But a full outfit might be expensive – and honestly: nobody wants to spend a fortune on some costume clothes. Better is to use some nice make up or accessories as “vampire teeth”.



      And don’t forget the make up! Use some fake blood (can also be provided in the costume shop) and apply it on the corners of your mouth and let it run down a bit. Then apply some blood on the corners of your eyes as well and some on your throat. Do not forget some black kajal or eyeliner to contour your eyes, preferably the lower eye-lid. Smoky eyes will be nice as well. This does not only refer to a Dracula outfit, but can also be used for Frankenstein or ghoul outfits outfits. So in case you do not have the costume or don’t want to invest a fortune and are last-minute, you can mainly concentrate on accessorizes and make up.



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