Premiere Thursday for Exotism.

a few movies to keep you lingering for another scenery.

The Blue Lagoon (older version).

the blue lagoon

       A bit of a RobinsonCrusoé situation but in this case, two children are involved. A ship sinks leaving no survivors except Richard & Emmeline. They end up on a lovely island inhabited merely by tropical plants, crabs, and nourish themselves with coconut in all forms. Exotism in it’s most simple nature: the children grow up to be genuine and nature loving individuals, that run around without clothing. The standards of society haven’t had a chance to influence them so we see a sort of simple but essential lifestyle. The scenes of this movie are breathtaking.



       A story about a child of french colons in French Indochina. The movie, based on Marguerite Duras’ novel, portrays the reckless teenage life of a girl with no limits. Sensual and constantly with her hat, the young girl stands out of the crowd and captures the eye of a Chinese businessman. Thereafter stars a forbidden romance that both will try to pursue in secret. During the movie, we can see the crowded streets of Saigon and Hanoi as well as the many boats flowing on the Mekong.

James Bond: Octopussy.


        James Bond movies are international and often the special agent has to travel to foreign countries to solve issues. In Octopussy, 007 has to go to India and while being there, we discover through his eyes the richness of Indian palaces. Jewelry, beautiful women, sahris, busy streets and markets. It is a great illustration of the wonders of the orient and even traditional dances are included.

 The English Patient.


         During the English occupation of the North of Africa, a plan catches fire with a man aboard. Hopefully, he survives but with severe brain damages and an unrecognisable face. After the accident, the patient is put away in an old monastery and is read his diary by a caring nurse. The movie focuses on these souvenirs that come back slowly. This is probably one of my favorite movies, as I think aesthetics play a big role. As a winner of  a few Academy Awards notably for the Best Picture section, the director put quite an emphasis on the visuals. The desert landscapes that the young adult flies over are magnificent, pure, just as the relationship he had with a young marries women.



        A classic often viewed at the start of movie courses. The typical effects of movie-making such as defocusing, eclipses, high contrasts are very much present. It reveals the struggles of arriving in America during the Nazi European occupation. Indeed, you first had to make a stop in Casablanca in order for authorities to check if your papers where in order. It is a strange atmosphere that was held in the city as it  was in between arrival and departure. We can catch a glimpse of this exotic environment throughout the whole movie, even if in Black & White.

Only Lovers Left Alive.

only lovers left alive

           A stunning movie directed by Jim Jarmusch. Two lover vampires grow weary of life and modern society but with each other’s company, faith is restored. The mainly rocknrollish soundtrack has oriental touches and leaves you wandering to far away places. Eve lives in Tangiers and Adam in Detroit. The movies takes place in both locations making the contrast between both even more striking: the emptiness of the industrail American city VS the ancient dominated architectural landscape of the Moroccan city.



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