Sunday Chill for Exotism.

Cherry Blossoms over the Meguro River  by noisy paradise

“He was comparing you to the butterflies that you both adore and cherish, and he said you were special for the same reasons: you were rare, exotic and entirely you. He said you’re beautiful exactly the way are now.”

– Cecelia Ahern.

16    Treehouse photo by Samantha Erin Photography

“After two years’ absence she finally returned to chilly Europe, a trifle weary, a trifle sad, disgusted by our banal entertainments, our shrunken landscapes, our impoverished lovemaking. Her soul had remained over there, among the gigantic, poisonous flowers. She missed the mystery of old temples and the ardor of a sky blazing with fever, sensuality and death. The better to relive all these magnificent, raging memories, she became a recluse, spending entire days lying about on tiger skins, playing with those pretty Nepalese knives ‘which dissipate one’s dreams’.”

– Octave Mirbeau.


“Calling something exotic emphasizes its distance from the reader. We don’t refer to things as exotic if we think of them as ordinary. We call something exotic if it’s so different that we see no way to emulate it or understand how it came to be. We call someone exotic if we aren’t especially interested in viewing them as people — just as objects representing their culture.”

– N.K. Jemisin.

“All the things that are lovely, the things you never knew, I wanted to gather them one by one and bring them to you.”

– DH Lawrence.

tumblr_mttpauvkyU1spfsqbo1_1280   tumblr_lysh9r1DfR1qbe3g6o1_1280

“For many reasons, I am in need of a journey that will change my mind and divert me generally; for I have been extraordinarily depressed and melancholy of late.”

– Fredrich Nietzsche.

Exoticism’s power is nothing other than the power to conceive otherwise. … I conceive otherwise, and immediately the vision is enticing. All of Exoticism lies herein.”

– Victor Segalan.


“No, I have already said it elsewhere. This earth has had all the exoticism washed out of it. If in a hundred years we have not established contact with some other planet (but we will), or, next best, with the earth’s interior, humanity is finished. There is no longer a means of living, we explode, we go to war, we perpetrate evil of all sorts; we are, in a word, incapable of remaining any longer on this rind. We are in mortal pain; both from the dimensions as they now stand, and from the lack of any future dimension to which we can turn, now that our tour of the earth has been done to death. “

– Henri Michaux.

SS15---Alex-Mullins   DOMOBAAL--Exhibitions--Christopher-Hanlon--Chamber--Rubber-Plant

“People in places many of us never heard of, whose names we can’t pronounce or even spell, are speaking up for themselves. They speak in languages we once classifies as “exotic” but whose mastery is now essential for our diplomats and businessmen. But what they say is very much the same the world over. They want a decent standard of living. They want human dignity and a voice in their own futures. They want their children to grow up strong and healthy and free.”

– Hubert Humphrey.




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