Casual Friday as a Secret.

Sorry for the men out there, but this week’s post is dedicated to getting these polished runaway beauty looks.

Secrets to the beauty trends of this Winter.

the Twiggy inspired look from Yves Saint Laurent.

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Aaron de Mey provides us with modern twist to the 70’s baby doll look. Instead of just using a regular black eyeliner for your cat eye, try using dark blue, dark green or even grey kohl. The line of your cat eye must be as thick as possible to make it as dramatic as possible. You can fill in most of your mobile eyelid if you wish. Add mascara in large quantities as this is the key element to the Edie Sedgwick twist to the look. The bottom lashes shouldn’t be ignored so when you add a bit of mascara, be sure to pinch the lashes together to create this triangular impression. To polish the look, add a touch of light pink matte lipstick.

the grunge effect according to Topshop Unique.

Topshop-Unique-AutumnWinter-2014 Topshop-Unique-AutumnWinter-2014 (1)

The core of this look is the smudged black kohl on the lower eye line. Make it as strong as possible for the effect to work out as desired. I suggest adding concealer as a base to prevent the worked smudge to get too messy. Add a bit of bronzer to your cheekbones and nourishing lip balm to keep it neat.

the metallic star inspired by Donna Karan.

hbz-makeup-trends-fw2014-metallic-touches-02-Donna-Karan-bks-A-RF14-2521-lg 4-black-metallic

Achieving this makeup is quite simple. All you need is a metallic grey eye shadow, a grey kohl pencil and a nude lipstick. For the eyes, just lay the eye shadow strongly on your eyelid and then blur up the color until your eyebrows. Since the metal of the eye shadow is already quite striking, you don’t need to add mascara. Add a trait of grey kohl on the lower eye line to add a bit more intensity. Finish the look by covering your lips with nude lipstick and touch of gloss. This look can also vary by changing to bronze, or metallic purple eye shadow.

the natural beauty according to Jason Wu.

jason-wu-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2014-nyfw9 Barely--Makeup-Jason-Wu

Some features of our faces might be ignored when we put on too much makeup on a daily basis. The nude makeup has been seen on the runaways for quite some seasons now (as it enhances the complexity of some designs) but it gets polished with time. The key element here, is to enhance your given features such as your eyebrows, your cheek bones and your healthy skin. Professionals even say that the foundation used to achieve this look can even go up to 2 tones under your real skin color to really bring out your best features. In contrast to this, fill in your eyebrows with a crayon that is a tone up from your natural eyebrow color. For a touch of freshness, blush your cheekbones with a dark pink shade. Yet again, add up a nude lipstick to stay as minimal as possible.

the youthful vampire according to Zac Posen.

zac-posen-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2013-nyfw15 1fa887fe4975e236d79cffb90a8e6c45

A classic look that has a modern twist given the choice of red. Red lipstick has often said to be the essence of femininity. This shade has an advantage, not only is it feminine but it is also modern. Nothing else matters for the look, you just need to perfect the lips. Choose a berry shade for your lipstick and add it to your lips with a lip brush to make it as neat as possible. In this case, the make-up artists of Zac Posen chose to highlight the lip line with a darker shade of red, almost bordeaux. For the eyes, add a thin line of khaki kohl and only a small amount of mascara.

a unique line by Kenzo.

kenzo-beauty-autumn-fall-winter-2014-pfw18 kenzo

The only element here that is striking is the pop of color. The base of this look is minimalistic. No imperfections of the skin should be seen (BBcream is a great savior for some of us), and it should remain matte (powder is a great makeup essential). Choose any color that you like as long as it pops! With the crayon of the chosen color, draw a line going from your inner eye, through the middle of your eyelid and onto the upper eyelid into a cat eye. Fill in the shape you have just drawn and voila! Just add a touch of mascara at the end of your lashes and you are ready to go.

the contemporary approach of Anthony Vaccarello.

Estee-Lauder-Anthony-Vaccarello-FW14-Liu-Wen dcbacc8fac67b653c3f774b5bb52daf8

Beauty is art so why shouldn’t Art be applied to beauty? The creative makeup director Tom Pecheux picked two colors, black and red and drew shaky lines upon the eyelids of the models. An edgy but interesting look that could be tried out by the most motivated of you.

have fun!

all photos are a copyright of Vogue Online Magazine.


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