Saturday Night Live as a Secret.

Break the internet, Philae Lander!

It may come surprising that the news of a first ever comet drilling in the history didn’t make such headlines as a reality-tv star balancing a champagne glass on her lower back. For those of you who still lack some information on the matter, here is a little recap.

On 2nd of March, 2004, the European Space Agency launched the lander Philae under a 1 billion euro project Rosetta. Its aim was Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, an ice-cold formation located 400 million kilometers from Earth. On the 12th of November the lander reached its destination and started the work.

The secrets its supposed to unveil are those of how comets behave and how the life on Planet Earth was formed. The biggest question is on how water has appeared on globe and if the first amino acids, that kicked-off the formation of life, were brought by an actual meteoryte.

When Philae landed on the comet, it became immediately injected with a super-syringe, aiming at collecting specimens to be interpreted back in the research centres. The state-of-the-art equipment allows such procedures, as, sadly, Philae Lander doesn’t plan a journey back home.

Its sacrifice mission will also help to predict if we are going to experience the arrival of comets in the nearest and farest future. A close meeting with such a formation would mean the end of our wonderful planet.


Way to go Philae!

For the non-believers, yes, Kim K. broke the internet, and yes, she even beat old good Philae Lander. The news of the infamous cover have been retweeted 842 thousand times, while the Rosetta project-244 thousand.
Sad world we’re living in.


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