Lundi Gras providing la Joie de Vivre.

      Today’s post will not be about cooking, eating, but will rather focus on your well-being, related to your health. we will be talking about traveling, and it’s benefits for your happiness.

Traveling as a source of well-being.


         Today’s world has induced such values that when we are alone, without a stable living situation or lacking money, we should feel insecure. Modern ideals that are quite recent as, in the 70’s emphasis on voyages were made. Without trying to idealize my parent’s generation, when I hear about their trips to Kashmir, the Spanish countryside, Morocco, etc, I can’t help but tell myself that they were young and without worries. Maybe it is that we see and create problems that restrict us from doing what we really want. I have a few friends, that i truly admire, as they are constantly traveling, and they are seeing things that escape most of us. People are anxious and frightened of leaving their lives behind, their little habits, their loved ones. They are panicked by the idea they will go into debt. To be short, they anticipate way too much about what their lives might be if they left everything behind, the “ifs” are taken into consideration. What they ignore is that going away, mostly by yourself, has proven benefits on your mental health and your emancipation.  It isn’t because you are leaving for a while that you’ll never come back!

It creates memories and things to look back on.

         Imagine yourself in 40 years, probably you’ll know who you are, you’ll have an established lifestyle, some people you see every other day. That will be your present. What about your past? Nowadays, life just seems to be happening to us, a feeling of the impossibility to control our fate is felt. If you take time in your youth to just give yourself a chance to get out of your comfort zone, you’ll be sure to have things to look back on when you are older. You’ll be able to tell yourself, when in doubt, that life has other aspects. All these memories are also a sort of cultural heritage: if you tell tales of your youth, your younger ones might be more prone to want to experience it as well. On the other hand, you’ll have known adventure, and maybe you’ll be able to appreciate your routine much more. Because adventure means insecurity, not going where you’re going. it can be wonderful but it can also be a source of stress. Once you experience it, you appreciate everything you have much more.

Problem solving comes easier.

       You are far away from home, there is no possibility to anticipate everything. To start off with, Wifi isn’t present everywhere: getting lost is obviously going to happen. You probably don’t speak all of the languages: barriers will come up, especially when you’ll be in the middle of nowhere. All this is said to extend your brain capacities. Indeed, when encountering unsure situations, your brain automatically thinks about a wider range of solutions than if you are helped by devices. You think about all the obstacles that could come to appear and hence, multiple possibilities appear. You are less tied to hypothesis. Working with this, you’ll understand that traveling and it’s problem-solving can be beneficial for your studies or your careers. However, don’t go thinking that leaving is going to lead you “into the wild” as nowadays, a multitude of apps are available to make your traveling as stress free as possible (tripplanner as an example).

It enhances open-mindedness and acquiring culture.

       Reading, education might be a great way to gain knowledge but to be sure of it and verify it, the best way is to experience it. Descriptions of the Great Wall of China, the Pho’s in the streets of Hanoi, will never be as real as if you actually are there. Being confronted to different cultures and ways of living opens us to other possibilities. Today, we are stuck behind bright big screens for most of the day and going away from all this not only makes a break from your routine but you can also see that all this isn’t necessary in order to live well. It opens you up, and this, in life, is a quality. Also living in a foreign country can help if you want to learn a new language.

Learn to know yourself.

         This, in my opinion, is the most important element of traveling, especially in your youth. First of all, you will be exposed to new ways of thinking that might challenge your established beliefs that have been taught to you during your childhood. I’m not saying that everything you will encounter will make you change but generally, it makes you question what you already know. Second, you’ll meet people who will make you grow. Loads of people are in the same situation as you, remember that. Surely, along your way, you’ll encounter people who you’ll probably share an amount of time with and hence, you’ll talk or do things that change from what usually do. This leads to the third aspect of learning to know yourself: you’ll learn skills you didn’t even know you had. For example, you’ll maybe have to climb mountains and learn you are actually good at keeping up, or you’ll be exposed to ruined villages and realize your actually a great helper and are worthwhile.

It’s just a great adventure.

        Leaving, it is a just a break. A change of scenery to keep you living. It can also be proof that you are capable of leaving things behind, and give time to yourself. You don’t need to live for others and live merely according the their expectations. It gives you self-confidence and sometimes, will even reassure you that you achieved a goal and that you are going in the right direction.



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