Premiere Thursday for Thanksgiving.

For this week’s theme I have chosen to review Hannah and her sisters (1986); a Woody Allen’s movie set mostly in the time between two Thanksgivings which I consider one of his finest works.


This drama-comedy tells the story of Hannah’s husband and ex who fall for her two sisters. The plot follows through two Thanksgivings with marriages, divorces, sex, and lack of sex with a lot of surprising fun.


Three sisters gather each week to catch up on their personal lives. Hannah (Mia Farrow) is the oldest child of artistic parents. She’s a successful, kind and thoughtful actress, wife and mother. She’s with no doubt the backbone of the family. Her two sisters Holly (Dianne Wiest), a frustrated actress and artist who’s dating the neurotic Woody Allen, and Lee (Barbara Hershey) who lives with a brooding artist, are more aimless and resent her because of her stable and successful life, yet they rely on her so much that they couldn’t possibly truly hate her. However, Hannah starts to realise that she’s just as lost as the others when her life begins to unravel due to sibling rivalry and betrayal. Angst-filled Thanksgivings dinners open and close the movie, revealing a family nearly crippled by tension and jealousy.


Highly intelligent and witty Hannah and her sisters perfectly portrays the lives, loves and issues of a close knit family over the course of a couple of years.This movie has a genuine emotional core and beautifully explores relationships and the meaning of life. An excellent study of human relations that reeks realism and experience.


It is a movie that skilfully blends comedy and drama, with the tangled web of relationship effectively done, and the well round characters extremely well acted. Plus, it’s hilarious. All in all, you should definitely give this one a go.


Happy thanksgiving !



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