Saturday Night Live Madness.

The world of subconsciousness and its master.

        Terms such as libido, cathartic or neurotic have well-integrated into our dictionaries, but what not a lot of us know is that they were all coined by a single man-Sigmund Freud, a nineteenth-century Austrian prodigy, who had transformed the way in which we think about hysteria, dreams and the mysterious world of subconsciousness.


       The genius psychiatrist started his research by early attempts of curing women suffering from attacks of hysteria, in the highly conservative Vienna society. By listening and analyzing their stories, he came to the conclusion that all the pain can be retraced to their sexual experiences and the needs they were forced to secrete. Such an oppression resulted in various kinds of neurosis and psychosis.

Under Analysis

       He developed a revelatory way of curing those illnesses-the psychoanalysis. He previously realized how important childhood experiences and memories are in shaping ones fears and the overall character and by psychoanalysis he tried to recreate those memories and eradicate the pain associated with them. Another important conclusion was that all human drives are subconscious and all deeply hidden conflicts are manifested by sicknesses such as hysteria. The painful memories or desires might have not always been realized though and needed to be retrieved by means of a therapy. Very often those drives or fears were manifested in dreams, in a ‘hidden message’ to which Freud put a great importance to and considered as being a ‘royal road to unconscious’.


       The purpose of his therapy was making the unconscious conscious. This way he could find the source of the pain, retrieve it and resolve it. Thanks to Freud, hundreds of women suppressed in a conservative society and daily chores could finally be cured. The main reason for their fatal condition-Freud argued-was the pressure of the society and the way in which it blocks ones drives and natural instincts.



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