Inspirational Wednesday Wanderlust.

       Photographers draw their inspiration from various domains. This week, we present to you three artists that take beautiful shots of their travels and make you wish you were with them, at that exact moment. They all have a different approach to the foreign but nevertheless, what they do remains breathtaking.

Susannah van den Zaag.

       Living in Toronto, this photographer seems to find the time to go abroad. Her photography is mostly done by film cameras and hence you can see the subtle grains in her artworks. There is a touch of innocence and happiness. Her subjects are always smiling and do not need any retouch. It is realistic and makes you want to ask a group of friends to leave with you!

susannah 5susannah 2

susannah 4  susannah 3


more photos at:

Reuben Wu.

       Originally from Liverpool, Reuben Wu has an eye for wonder. Not only is he amazing in photography but he is also belongs to the band Ladytron and produces his own music. A full-grown artist you would say. He captures landscapes of our lands but they have a magical vibe to them. The following photos made me think of a trip to another planet. Stunning, romantic, and dreamy are adjectives that could be linked to his art.

reuben wu2

Reuben-Wu-Photography2  reuben wu 2reuben wu 5  reuben wu 4

reuben wu

more photos at:

Adrien Golinelli.

       A swiss photographer that has become quite famous due to his photo-documentary on North Korea. He somehow captured the lifestyle of the communist country. Military forces are shown and the raw beauty of tradition that is still important in that country. He now continues documenting his journey abroad. Check out his site to see how he portrays Bhutan and China!

coreedunord29  coreedunord21 coreedunord17  coreedunord10a coreedunord07  adrien golinelli

more photos at:



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