Saturday Night Live Wanderlust.

Alastair Humphreys –

‘The Boy Who Biked the World’

       Alastair Humphreys is a true definition of a wanderer. Being only 34 years-old, he already cycled and walked a literal half of the globe and became a renowned motivational speaker and an author.


        His four-year bicycle ride around the world started in August 2001 and finished in November 2005. With one aim in mind-raising money for a charity organization, the extraordinary Brit crossed South America, then went on to Alaska, Russia, China and Europe. After 46,000 miles and four books, Humphreys still wanted more. 2009 marked the time when he rowed across the English Channel, to raise money for another charity. Only two years later, he walked across India, and one year later, across Iceland.


       All his adventures gave him enough inspiration and material to coin and popularize a brilliant concept of the microadventure. The term encompasses a manner of leaving one’s city with its comfort zone to embark on a little adventure just outside the suburbs. It can be taking 30 minutes-long bus ride to a nearby forest, sleeping in a tent for a night and cooking a delicious camp meal on a bonfire.

        Humphreys himself started with London, when, bored with a 9-to-5 lifespan, he tried to encourage fellow Londoners that a journey does not have to be expensive, well-planned or long. It awaits just around the corner, under a starry sky of a metropolis. One night in a tent can make a difference, inspire and make a better job that a weak-long package holiday.


          He opened the eyes of the worlds’ traveling enthusiasts that the success of an adventure does not need to be marked by its remoteness and originality, usually characterized by high costs and high time-span. A life-changing experience awaits just outside the city centre and this time there are no excuses left.



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