Asian Inspirational Wednesday.

Three artists of asian origin that capture life according to their own perspectives.

Naomi Wong.

Studying in London, the artist mainly focuses on film photography. Emancipation from modern digital tools are what motivated me to show you her work. This relates to Asia as in most countries of the continent, relating to tradition and heritage is still very important.



wong wong 2


more of her work:

Rala Choi.

An astonishing game of colors. The photographer makes use of various exposures to lighting to show different nuances of colors. The models are playful and fit perfectly with the atmosphere the artist wants to convey. I think it is a great example of how fantasy is used in the domain of fashion in Asia.

choi3 choi2

choi choi 6

choi 5 10504826_454731028001203_3422095781664020515_o

a few more photos from the same artist:

Li Hui.

This is one of my long time favorites! Li Hui captures moments of daily life that range from getting up to sunny rays of sunlight to details of blooming flowers. A certain romanticism that is also shown through the use of double exposure in photography.

li hui

li hui 6

li hui 5

li hui 3

li hui 2

more of the artist’s work:



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