Asian Premiere Thursday.

In the mood for Love.

       A movie that has been done by a Chinese producer. Not only are the visuals breathtaking but the story that is shown to us is divine. A man and a woman are neighbors in a hotel in Hong-Kong. Throughout their stay in the big city, their paths meet quite often and they start to have conversations. Both have spouses but acknowledge the possible infidelity of them. They then choose to join forces in order to find out more about their spouses possible adventures. As time flies, they grow closer and closer to each other without realizing it.

The Ring. (japanese version)

       As a classic in the horror genre, it might be a bit astonishing if you have never heard of or seen the Ring. But ave you seen the japanese version? Japanese horror movies are said to be the best as they are exempt of too much special effects and hence there is a more realistic aspect to the horrific event.

A Tale of Two Sisters.

       Based on the folk tale “Janghwa Hongryeon jeon”, this south Korean movie has been positively viewed by critiques and the public. The plot is the following: a teenager returns home after being held in a psychiatric hospital. Upon her return at home, she is confronted to a step-mother she dislikes and strange nightmares appear. This movie has been analysed thoroughly and leads you to deeper reflection each time you see it.

Norwegian Wood.

       The protagonist reminds himself of his young years in the 60’s. Tragically, his best friend committed suicide and he then grew closer to the departed one’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, the feelings are not mutual and this leads the young man in depression. He decides to leave the city a bit but he is chased by his pain and loneliness.



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