Asian Casual Friday.

       We already know the western fashion weeks of Paris, London, Milan and New York. But the east has also his fashion week. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion TOKYO, is held in Tokyo twice a year in October and in March. It is one of the most promising fashion week in the world as it is a wonderful opportunity for young designers to start their career in fashion. Held in the Japanese capital, the fashion week has been giving the chance to, nearly fifty, future designers to shine, for about ten years now. Here is a selection of two really nice designers, from the latest Tokyo Fashion Week, which are worth to follow. More creative and less snobby than the European ones, this event should be considered as much as the other ones.


       I will start with the menswear as we do not talk about men’s fashion that much. The young creator Yoshio Kubo has a really unique and modern style. It is a combination of futuristic and modern associations of pieces. For the spring summer 2015, he believes in the come back of nature and so wearing green and leaves patterns are the central piece of this collection. His style will satisfy every kind of man, from the classy to the edgy. His work this season reminds me of the traveler/adventurer of the world going through unknown places while still being stylish.


runway_00070_x runway_00040_x runway_00270_x

         After being trained at Yohji Yamamoto, Japanese designer Mitsuru Nishizaki started his own brand under the name of Ujoh in 2009. You can directly see the experience of this young man in the cuts of the clothes and the superposition of the different kinds of fabric, from leather to cotton. Everything is Impeccable. His collection is effortless and elegant. You can easily switch from a day outfit to a night outfit which make them extremely practical for active women. It will make every women happy from classic lady to the prints fanatic.


runway_00320_x runway_00180_x runway_00110_x

         If you are not convinced of the potential of Japanese fashion designers, we I can only advise you to take the trip to Tokyo for the next fashion week in March!



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