Asian Saturday Night Live.

One truly alluring Asian Tiger.

        Whichever type of traveler you are and no matter what types of cities appeal to you, Hong Kong is definitely a place to be. If it is finance, leisure, budget traveling or shopping in a prime location that works on you like a magnet and educes your inner adventurous spirit, put this one on your traveling bucket list. Why? Here we go with some modest information!


       First of all, traveling to Hong Kong doesn’t have to be expensive. Being a financial hub you can find some truly amazing flight deals, especially for the winter period. The best time to visit the city is autumn and winter, since summers can get especially hot and humid. Moreover, cheap and reliable hostels are to be found even in the most poshest, financial districts. A whole bunch of bars, restaurants and cafes will definitely appeal to the most sophisticated taste buds and empty-pocketted students. My personal favorite was a big, warm bowl of traditional noodles, with a cold Tsingtao beer, enjoyed in between 700-state-of-the-art buildings, for about USD3. Cooked in a microscopic ‘kitchen’ carried on one’s bike, it served both tired tourists and businessmen in their tailored suits from all around the world. If that kind of cuisine doesn’t appeal to you, no worries-Hong Kong has the highest concentration of restaurants and cafes in the world!


       Hong Kong is perfectly described as a place where East meets West. You will be astonished by how many people speak perfect English, with American or British accents. It can be justified by the fact that it was ruled by the Brits for 150 years. The best way to get an impression of this buzzing metropolis would be taking a walk on the top of Victoria Peak to enjoy its impressive view. In the evening, move over the river to witness a spectacular ‘Symphony of Lights’ show, taking place every day and leaving a long-lasting memory.


        Let’s not forget about the center, as Hong Kong is actually composed of 200 islands, which you can hop on and off by a train or a ship. A trip to Macau is highly recommended, not only because of its impressive architecture and character but the abundance of casinos and bars. To spark up your mood for the next couple of months, try out Hong Kong Disneyland.


I hope that I encouraged you to consider this magnificent place as your next travel destination.
See you in Kowloon and joigin!



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