Inspirational Wednesday for the Celebrations.

We not only celebrate different things but we have other ways of celebrating.

These 4 photographers advocate different festive vibes that stay true to their style.

Andrea Alessio.

Representations of the end of year decorations in the suburbs.


more of his work:

Anna Tea.

An artsy approach to what its like to be different.

10634042_605739112863530_5887696446528208214_o 10482251_545657962204979_2552674550860719531_o

10466961_526702957433813_565855292144338924_o 10348383_534312583339517_3142719945120934183_n

10007333_589768947793880_1842596153604328999_o 10006198_578230042281104_1045746898581950877_n

more of her work:

Sasha Gaspar.

Drinks, dim lights, sparkles, are all necessary ingredients for the party.

gaspar 2 gaspar 3

gaspar 4 gaspar

more of his work:

Richard Ramirez Jr.

Why not leave the city with beloved ones to enjoy the last few days of the year?

ramirez 2ramirez 3ramirez 4ramirez

more of his work:


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