Saturday Night Live for the Celebrations.


       The name of the celebration derives from the Hebrew ‘dedicate’ as it commemorates the rededication of a Holy Jerusalem Temple during the 2nd century, when the Maccabean revolted against the Seleucid Empire. It lasts for 8 days, every year, and takes place at any point in time from November till the end of December, as Hebrew and Gregorian calendars differ.


        It is also called ‘the Festival of Lights’, because of its symbolic menorah and the tradition related to it. When the Temple was regained, the first thing to do was lightning up the golden menorah. Although there was only enough oil for one day, it kept on burning for eight days, which was considered a miracle and is being commemorated until today. The traditional menorah has eight branches, lighted up day by day, and an additional branch giving the light to the rest of them.


         All the foods eaten in this period are baked or fried in oil. One of many choiceness include potato pancakes, doughnuts filled with all kinds of jam or jelly and fritters. To commemorate the role of women during the Babylonian captivity, most importantly Judith, a lot of dairy products are being consumed, especially different kinds of cheese.

         Another important symbol of the festivity is a dreidel-a kind of spinning top. Its name comes from a Yiddish ‘drei’ which means ‘to spin’. It shows four Hebrew letters-Nun, Hay, Gimel and Peh, which stand for the phase: ‘a great miracle happened there’. It was being used by many generations afterwards, especially when the Jews were held in captivity.

il_340x270.190265762  dreidel

        Nowadays, the beautiful tradition of Hanukkah is celebrated every year, in Jewish communities around the world, although it is not even the most important one from all the Jewish holidays.



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