Inspirational Wednesday Resolutions.

        By shifting to a new year, many individuals enjoy reading what the zodiac signs are planning ahead for them. Whether we are to trust these sayings, or to remain sceptical, that is a choice one has to make. Nevertheless, some artists are fond of this topic and inspire themselves of it to create.

Thierry Cohen and the stars that guide our future.

         The stars, the lines in the sky… These are the tools astrologers use to predict good or bad fortune. Photographers who wish to make night sky captures know how difficult a task it turn out to be. First of all, you need to be in a location with little light pollution, meaning trying to take such photos in a city is almost impossible. Then, your camera needs to be stable as it will need a longer shutter speed to capture enough light coming from the stars. Now as you can see here, Thierry Cohen managed to show how stunning a city overlooked by a deep night sky would look like. It might be unrealistic but it leaves place for the imagination.


Rio de Janeiro 22° 56’ 42’’ S 2011-06-04 lst 12:34



Johfra Bosschart’s astrology prints.

       Johfra Bosschart or Franciscus Johannes Gijsbertus van den Berg, is a dutch artist that is said to be part of the surrealist movement. Inspired by mythology, magic, the mystical, and religion, no wonder the artist has had the idea to paint his vision of the zodiac signs.

Johfra-Bosschart-Scorpio-painting   Johfra-Bosschart-Leo-painting

Johfra-Bosschart-Gemini-painting    Johfra-Bosschart-Aquarius-painting

Mustafa Soydan, zodiac as fashion.

         Based in Istanbul, this fashion illustrator has worked for well-known designers such as Tom Ford, Chanel, Swatch, or magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar or Glamour. Needless to say, his talent is requested worldwide. In this series, the illustrator focuses on the aspects of the zodiac sign by relating it to the fashion world.

mustafa-soydan-zodiac-illustrations-Libra-650x650 mustafa-soydan-zodiac-illustrations-leo-650x650 mustafa-soydan-zodiac-illustrations-Capricorn-650x650 mustafa-soydan-zodiac-illustrations-aries-650x650



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