Premiere Thursday Resolutions.

2014 was a wonderful year in the domain of movies. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Grand Budapest Hotel.

       Wes Anderson does it again and we believe this movie captures his visual ideology really well. Between a children’s tale and adult issues, this movies keeps you hooked until the end.

Under the Skin.

       Scarlett Johanssen, seen as one of the bombshells of our era, is a great figure to play the dangerous “femme fatale”. A thriller that will keep you holding your breath until the end. You are in for some surprises.


       A young and ambitious man joins a conservatory in order to become a professional drummer. He’s got the talent, undeniably, but his teacher doesn’t seem to have the same idea of what “sufficient” is. Hence, the protagonist has to give more and more of himself, leading him into a psychological trance.

the Theory of Everything.

       The life of Stephen Dawkins, from the time he was a college student at Cambridge University, to his diagnosis of his degenerative motor disease. How he copes with it, especially by the support of his true love.


        Xavier Dolan is a creative producer and director. His movies are quite controversial as they deal with aspect of modern life that tend to be silenced. In this production, Dolan exposes the life of a young teenager with temper control issues. Being kicked out of schools, his mother has to take the time to educate and take care of him. Ups and downs are inevitable but this is also the beauty of the movie.

the Riot Club.

        After joining a fraternity, two oxford students realise that their reputations and the ongoing of their lives can be undone in just a few hours.

AND the movies we are looking forward to in 2015:

Knight of Cups.

       Very excited for this one. Terrance Malik who enjoyed portraying calm and nature’s beauty in his former works, now likes to portray chaos in a life of a man who is seemingly unsure of his choices.

Star Wars, Episode VII.

        Far from the initial visuals of Star Wars, this one is expected to have more subtle visual effects.


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