Saturday Night Live for the Red Carpet.

History of the Golden Globes.

        Nowadays, the annual Golden Globes Gala is a ceremony during which 14 prizes in motion pictures and 11 in television are distributed. January 11th, 2015 was the 72nd time when the ceremony took place. It all started in 1947, at the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, when the newly established Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association decided to rezognize actors and producers for their work. The first recipients were Jennifer Jones for ‘the Song of Bernadette’ and Paul Lukas for ‘Watch on the Rhine’.


       Since their beginnings, the Golden Globes Awards have forgone some changes. In 1951 the best film, actor and actress category was divided between drama, comedy and musical. Four years later, the television category was added. In 2007, best animated film category was established.

       Nowadays, the committee totals 93 members, all of which belong to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The prizes are awarded in both film and television and exceed well beyond the American productions. The absolute and unsurpassed winner of the Golden Globes is the Meryl Streep herself. Her collection embodies the total of eight statuettes. The movies with the highest amount of Awards are ‘Doctor Zhivago’, ‘Love Story’, ‘the Godfather’, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘a Star is Born’, each being granted with 5 statuettes.


       A renowned tradition associated with the Ceremony is granting the Young Artist Award, giving funds for young talents with insufficient financial needs to expand their careers. Miss and Mr. Golden Globes is an award presented to a child of a celebrity, who makes a contribution to the organization of the ceremony. What’s interesting, the statuettes were first presented not by the celebrities but the members of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association. In 1958, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra ad Sammy Davis Jr. Rushed to the stage with cigars and whiskeys in their hands to hand them in. Another act of solidarity was demonstrated in 2008, when actors did not attend the ceremony to show support for the striking members of the Writers Guild of America.



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