Inspirational Wednesday Affection.

        This couple has been taking over cultural blogs and magazines lately. Both are french photographers that are inspired by the raw splendor of the world and emotions people have for each other. They might be influenced by the love they have for one another as well, as Maud Chalard and Théo Gosselin are partners in work by in everyday life as well!


Maud Chalard.

The artist brings out the tender aspect of relationships. Her mostly analogue shot photos are fragile and calming.

The couples on her photo seem to be her main work subject over the years.

10644627_748242768580992_6106726326784509777_o 10679771_786779584727310_5566552943296532635_o

tumblr_ng0zhwbVdB1qgj0x9o1_500 tumblr_nfp1w6JjWv1qgj0x9o1_500 tumblr_nah3isnXdv1qcsy25o1_1280 10850286_799816400090295_7203673612243782959_n 10712693_764126690325933_79775396126181775_n 10616214_774616595943609_5279338791840803114_n 10593069_735244756547460_7553379082823837426_n 1618629_623245417747395_939518969_n

more of her work:

Théo Gosselin.

His work is more about affection between friends and the love of things.

He took incredible photos of road trips in the USA, as well as friends hugging and dancing together.

tumblr_n70xnt2fdR1qcsy25o1_1280 jambe

zamoureux schmoove dream cathcher Capture d’écran 2014-11-03 à 21.42.03 Capture d’écran 2014-11-03 à 21.40.58 californalove amour maud chambre 26A

more of his work:


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