Premiere Thursday Affection.

The Place Beyond the Pines.

       At first, this movie can seem harsh and cold. Really, it is full of reality and affection as it illustrates how far people can go to survive and provide for their loved ones. Sacrificing your pride, feeling pain for the other and being able to forgive are all elements that are brought up during the 140minutes of screening.

The Edge of Love.

       This retrospective is an ode to Dylan Thomas’ (welsh poet) love life. He is torn between his teenage love and his current wife, whom he both loves dearly. Both of the women will become friends, illustrating the affection we have towards best friend that is always there in the rough times and making the good ones even more special.

The Royal Tenenbaums.

       When growing up, siblings often take different paths, making minds and opinions clash. But when hard times come about, we realise love is the only thing that truly binds us and that no matter what, showing affection, amidst the differences, can be crucial in order to feel better.


        Based in the future, this movie portrays the growing attachment of a lost divorced man to an operating system. Without being present physicly, Samantha, the operating system, will give him back enthusiams and joy of life. Spike Jones shows a sort of platonic love in a world ruled by technology.


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