Saturday Night Live Affection.

The heroic affection of Irena Sendlerowa.

        I would like to take my today’s article as an opportunity to say a few words on one of the most important, impressive and, sadly, often forgotten heroes of the Second World War-Irena Sendler, also known as Irena Sendlerowa. Being the head of one of the sections of Polish Underground Resistance Movement, she managed to save over 2,500 Jewish children, who would otherwise be taken into a concentration camp or died in a striking war-time realities.

Irena Sendler

         Sendler engaged all of her family members into her activities. It is important to state that during Nazi occupation helping even one Jewish citizen was punished with death or torture, which only adds to the incredible story. Not only did she manage to false 3,000 documents for Jewish families, de facto rescuing their lives, but saved thousands of Jewish children from the Ghetto, and afterwards send them to orphanages or child care centres run by nuns to make sure they survive in decent conditions.


         The whole operation was constructed in such a way that Sendler would visit the Ghetto under an excuse of examination during the typhus outbreak. Babies and bigger children would be smuggled out of it in packages or trams. Eventually, Sendler’s activities were discovered by the Nazi police. She was tortured and sentenced to death, as she refused to reveal the names of her helpers. Polish council of help for the Jews Zegota eventually bribed the soldiers and saved her.


          In 1965 she was awarded with the State of Israel Rightous among the Nations award. You can retrace her whole story by watching John Kent Harriso’s movie ‘The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler’. The Polish-American production, starring Anna Paquin, gives a striking portrayal of Poland during the World War 2 and depicts the activities of Irena Sendler. Such a courageous act of selfless affection does not deserve to be mocked.




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