Inspirational Wednesday Enchantment.

Tim Walker.

As a graduate of the Exeter College of Art and Design, Tim Walker is now one of the most influential fashion photographers in the world. His inspirations derive from Cecil Beaton and Richard Avedon, for whom he did an internship. His style is recognizable as it is fresh, gentil and full of light. As you can see with the following photos, his work is quite imaginative and full of fantasy.

13 article-2211831-154EB9E5000005DC-67_634x799 446pnv-private-world-tim-walker-04article-2211831-154EB9F2000005DC-68_634x789 114415

Annie Leibovitz.

I have mentionned Leibovitz’s work previously but for this article I wish to focus on her work inspired by fairytales. Annie Leibovitz is a famous celebrity photographer that has been celebrated a few times. In 2003, the photographer did an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot for Vogue. In 2007, she decided to bring a few Disney fairytales to life to give a magical aspect to celebrity. Of course, there are much more photos from this series so you should check them out!


Thomas Devaux.

Thomas Devaux is a french photographer won the “Bourse du Talent #46” prize and an Arte prize, both in 2011. He has a darker view on enchantment and what is magical as his main themes are darkness, doubles, and secular art. David Lynch even presented Devaux’s art work during the opening of the Silencio in Paris. His work is intriguing and mystical, giving a touch of elegance to what might be seen as gloomy elsewhere.

GabrielGabriel_Thomas-Devaux_Les-Bras_20121-1024x768La Douche Le SommeilPieta 2La Main et l Enfant Thomas Devaux



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