Premiere Thursday Enchantment.

Mood Indigo.

       Colin’s life is joyful but banal until he meets Chloé, the love of his life. The movie shows the evolution of their love in a world full of irony. Unfortunately, Chloé grows terribly sick and everything tumbles down from one day to the next as the couple and their surrounding have to cope with change. Based on a book by Boris Vian, the story is subtle and full of romanticism. Also, Duke Ellington’s work is heard during the movie. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

The Wizard of Oz (1939).

       When a tornado hits her hometown, Dorothy Gale is blown away to an enchanted land. In order to return home, she has to find the so called Wizard of Oz. The quest begins and Dorothy meets fantastical creatures and sees surreal landscapes. The movies is a great representation of the book and the scenes are breathtaking.

Enter the Void.

       Filmed in Tokyo, this movie contains enough neon lights and movement to enchant you. The topic is a bit gloomy but if you are seeking something to blow your mind, this is the movie. A young drug dealer is betrayed by his best friend and is killed during a drug transaction. He then sees the consequences of his death from afar and waits to be born again. Sensitive souls, be aware!

Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.

       This musical comedy shows the life of 20 year-old twins. Having never known their father, the girls do not know what to expect of love even if they are in search of their soul mate. Full of life, color, and humor no wonder this movie is a french classic that will leave you enchanted!



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