Casual Friday Enchantment.

       Enchantment in fashion is quite hard to define as fashion is all about feelings and subjective tastes.

       This week was the men’s fashion week as well as the women’s Haute Couture fashion week in Paris. The name Haute Couture is a juridically protected title given by a council of fashion to certain “Maisons de Couture”. It follows a set of strict rules from the length of the tissue to the number of pieces presented in the show. Of course every part of the outfits are handmade specifically for the client. These kind of pieces can be sold from a few thousands of euros to more than hundred thousands euros, a piece.

       Giambattista Valli was born in Rome during the sixties. He received a strict catholic education and then studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins school in London. He has been working in the most prestigious houses such as Fendi and Emanuel Ungaro. In 2004 he starts his own brand Giambattista Valli. He presents four collections each year in Paris, two of ready to wear and two of Haute Couture. Women all around the world love his clothes, from actresses to royalty.


       But anyway, after seeing Giambattista Valli’s show this week for Spring-Summer 2015, it is hard to describe the show with any other word than “wow”. During the show, the french vintage music mixed with electronic music was the perfect combination to present this summery collection. The colours were mostly pastel or flashy but never aggressive. This collection mainly composed of evening outfits gave the impression of walking in a garden in south of France but with clothes coming from the mix of a fairy tap and Alice in Wonderland (due to the headbands). The fabric is structured and incrusted with really nice jewellery pieces. It was a challenge because these kinds of ornaments can look really kitsch but it is perfectly realised. Here are some of my favourite pieces from his last Haute Couture show:

00140h_jpg_8381_north_420x_black 00030h_jpg_3138_north_420x_black

00240h_jpg_8114_north_420x_black  00410h_jpg_8487_north_420x_black




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