Saturday Night Live Enchantment.

The enchanting Georgia!

       The running legend among the Georgians and its visitors perfectly describes it as a literal paradise on Earth. When God was conceiving the Earth and separated it to all people, Georgians appeared too late. When asked by God what the matter was, they replied that on their way they decided to stop to praise Him with some wine. God liked this idea so much that He decided to grant them with a part of land previously kept to Himself. After a visit to this enchanting country, one will understand the meaning of the legend. Georgia is indeed a special and precious corner of Earth.


        Being a previous Soviet republic, understandably a lot of Georgians speak Russian. Interestingly, communicating in English is not a problem as well. Nowadays it has a very liberal policy and citizens of most countries do not need visas. It is important to remember, though, that its national currency-the Lari, cannot be exchanged outside of the country. A very popular way of moving around is by hitchhiking. Country’s network consists of over 1,400 km of highways and the drivers are usually very willing to help a traveler out. Moreover, Georgians are known for their hospitability and offer cheap accommodation in the famed homestays. Such an option is not only cheap but very convenient, as at least one meal a day is included in the stay. More traditional hostels are also to be found, especially in bigger cities like the country’s capital-Tbilisi or Batumi.


       Georgia will enchant you with its beautiful and varied landscapes-highlands, mountains and alluring Black Sea coast. Food and drinks will also be hard to forget as Georgia is a wine cradle. Both liquer and food comes at very cheap prices, with the most famous among them-the Chacha-a home-made fruit wine, analogous to Italian grappa. If you will get everything you want from Georgia itself, you can easily move to nearby Turkey or Iran, although the special mixture of East and West will make you long to stay forever.




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