Power Inspirational Wednesday.

Elena Kalis.

Living on a tropical island has taken a toll on the artist that has decided to represent her models floating in dreamy watery spaces. The power of nature is shown in her photography which is an alternative to the traditional paint on canvas. It is powerful to see how an artists can envision something so different and implant her imagination onto a force that is supposedly uncontrollable by humans.

kalis2  kalis 3kalis 6kalis 5kalis 4

more photos here:


Penny Byrne.

The australian artist transforms old porcelain statues into messages of critique towards international politics and social movements that take place in today’s World. Full of humor and cynicism, these art pieces push us to question our attitudes.


Penny-Byrne_10 Penny-Byrne_09

Penny-Byrne_03 10271516_882140465142330_2190245154005302897_n

more of her work here:


Karel Appel.

Karel Appel was a Dutch painter that founded the CoBra movement. His peers and him were against the rationalist culture that was prominent at the time and valued an art that would come out of the subconscious. It is abstract but faithful to human nature and hence shows the power of the senses.

  appel 4 appel 5

appel 3appel 2 appel 1


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