Power Premiere Thursday.

Taking Woodstock.

        This movie has been chosen because it shows the power of decisions. A young man working in his parent’s Motel decides to take things in hand to organise a festival. However, he did not know how big this festival would turn out to be, becoming the most celebrated gathering of the 60’s-70’s.

Dazed and Confused. 

         This is the story of high school students in the 70’s. They spend their last day celebrating, smoking and doing things they have never done before. We all somehow have souvenirs of our years spent in High School and this shows the impact of our youth on our present selves.


       Rocky is a small time boxer that works as a debt collector while waiting to show his power. He hears about the venue of a big-weight boxer and is asked to compete. Seeing this a his one life chance to succeed, Rocky will give everything he has.

And God Created Woman.

       Juliete is a young woman who lived in an orphanage. She now is free to live the life she wants and enjoys the power of love more than anything. She is torn between her love for her childhood crush that plays games with her and the envy of being with an older man that obviously cares about her.


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