Power Saturday Night Live.

       American businesswomen Angela Ahrendts has moved women empowerment in business to a new level. Here’s why! After earning a marketing and merchandising degree from Ball State University in Indiana, Ahrendts soon moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion retail. Among her many employers, some big players can be distinguished-Donna Kara, Henri Bendel or Liz Claiborne. In 2006, Burberry-a London-based fashion powerhouse hired Ahrendts as its chance of rebuilding the struggling brand. Serving as company’s CEO for 6 years, she managed to completely reinvigorate the brand. She discovered that the crux of the matter led in the unacknowledged market of counterfeits and ordered to limit the production of its famous check patterned items by 10%. Such a move restored company’s prestige and earned Ahrendts 49th place in Forbes ranking of most powerful women in the world. The company’s value skyrocketed from £2 billion to over £7 billion. No wonder why Ahrendts was UK’s highest paid CEO.


       Moreover, she saw the enormous potential of relationships with technological companies like Google and Apple. In 2014, she was hired by the latter and now serves as its Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Sales, being in charge of over 400 stores and online retail. Impressively, her salary far exceeds ones of her male-counterparts, even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. If being one of the world’s most impressive CEO’s was not enough for Ahrendts, she is also an advisor to UK’s Prime Minister.


       As key to her success, Ahrendts points out dedication for a brand’s heritage and admiration for the corporation. She wasn’t afraid of completely reversing company’s activities, sacking a great part of its top-employees and closing down factories in the USA and the UK. Many of her decisions met with a great discontent, but also a latter admiration.



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