Romantic Premiere Thursday.

La Dolce Vita.

       Marcello is a journalist and paparazzi in Rome. The movie follows his life events when he is torn between his calm life with his girlfriend, or the thrilling elite adventures he has by following a Rome-based Diva.

Pretty Woman.

       A successful business man needs a woman to accompany him to social events. Not having the time to go on “normal” dates, he hires a prostitute as an escort. After a week of escorting and conversations, what is bound to happen, will happen.

Pretty In Pink.

       Andie is not what you would call a popular girl. She has her own style, character and says what she thinks. Some find it attractive, hopefully and hence she gets stuck in a sort of dilemma in which she has to choose between her childhood love and a rich player.

Annie Hall.

       Alvie is a new yorker in her forties that has been through two divorces. He unconsciencly falls in love with Annia, to whom he tales the failures of his last weddings. Somehow, even if there is chemistry and stability between them, things don’t always turn out as expected.

A Bout de Souffle.

       Michel Poiccard is a small-town thief and has murdered without planning it. Being searched for in the whole of France, Michel escapes to the big city, Paris, to ask for help from his old love, Patricia. Patricia is an american studying at the Sorbonne and isn’t that naive when it comes to men. But this big secret will make them get closer than ever.


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