Romantic Casual Friday.

       On this Saint Valentine’s eve, it is a perfect occasion to focus on one of the most romantic and tragic actress of our times. Some may say that she was more in love with diamonds than men and love in itself but truth is, Elizabeth Taylor was a deeply romantic person. Her exaggerated passion for love might as well have been the cause of her many marriages and divorces.


         Elizabeth was born in 1932 London from a good family. Before the second World War she moved with her family to Los Angeles. We can say that she had acting in her genes. Her mother used to act, and Elizabeth started acting at 10 years old. She never stopped and had an acting career of 60 years. The big breakout on the screen was at age 12 with the movie National Velvet in 1944 and made her a super child star. Throughout her career she received an important amount of awards including two Academy Awards for her role as a leading actress. I found her particularly exceptional in her roles in A cat on a hot tin roof and Suddenly last summer . She mostly played roles of passionate women in love which contributed to her romantic image.

       In her private life, she got married nine times. She got to know marriage when she was 17 with hotel heir Nicky Hilton. Shortly after she got married to actor Michael Wilding. The next one is Michael Todd and then she married his best friend Eddie Fisher after Todd died in a plane accident. Maybe the only truly love of her live was Robert Burton, which she married once and a second time after their divorce. She even married a senator, John Warner, and her last two weddings were with a worker and then her agent.


       Her other passion in life were diamonds. During her life she acquired some of the greatest pieces of jewellery in history as the Krupp Diamond and the Peregrina pearl offered by Richard Burton on Valentine’s day. This latter piece was sold by Sothebys in 2011 for 11 millions dollars. So guys you know what to get to your valentine tomorrow!


         On the fashion influence, she contributed highly to the spread of popularity of Valentino as well as Halston because of her widely spread idea of stylish woman. Unfortunately passed away in 2011 and left our world without one of its greatest actress.




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