Golden Inspirational Wednesday.

Jose Romussi.

The artist from Chile uses embroidery to change photography, paintings, sketches into something completely different. Especially in his project using ballerinas, we can see the colorful and golden threads that show the delicate but fantastic aspect of Ballet. He recreates costumes typical of the art to show how things can be transformed with imagination.


Dance-Gipsy Dance+Yellow  Dance++Gold  Dance-Blue

Frederic Edwin Church.

This important figure of the Hudson River School focused on landscapes from here and there. His work shows sunsets places of the tropics, lands of ice or mountains of rocks. In the 19th century, he was praised because of his paintings of foreign lands that he did not always go to.

Twilight_in_the_Wilderness_by_Frederic_Edwin_Church_(3)Frederic_Edwin_Church,_American_-_Pichincha_-_Google_Art_Projectedwin churchaphnw_04

Luciana Rondolini.

This artist from Argentina has made jewels and precious rocks and the objects of her work. Whether she represents them through drawings or installations, Luciana Rondolini does not fail to show their beauty. After studies on social behavior, the artist uses these shiny objects to represent what our society values (jewels replacing the faces of Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus) or how we make abstract beauty of Nature (jewels on fruits).

rond4  dib02rond  rnd3rond2  07



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