Golden Premiere Thursday.

Velvet Goldmine.

       Inspired by the glamrock success of David Bowie, the movie speaks of a fallen artists that does not manage to escape his demons. At the same time being an idol for the teens of the 70’s-80’s, Brian Slade also has to deal with his contrasted personality. As time goes by, it gets harder to manage and the star decides to plot his own murder.

Rocket Science.

       High School student Hal Hefner stutters but wants to make something out of himself despite his slight handicap. The debating team of his school is searching for a new member and he tries his luck. He is given a chance and with a bit of mentoring and effort, he might suprise.

The Gold Rush.

       An old movie featuring Charlie Chaplin as a Tramp that chooses to venture in Alaska in search for gold. Many adventures await him.

Laurence Anyways.

       This movie films the transformation of a relationship when the man makes the decision to become the woman he always thought he was. Full of ups and downs, support and then losing hope, misunderstandings, this movies shows the power a single decision can have on many people’s lives.


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