Golden Casual Friday.

And the Oscar goes to …

        Last Sunday was the best and the most powerful ceremony of the movie industry. The Academy Awards. The first ceremony was held in 1929 at Hollywood’s iconic Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Since 2002, the event is hosted by the Dolby Theatre, right on the other side of Hollywood Boulevard. Twenty-four statuettes are awarded during that evening corresponding to different steps in film making. The most famous ones are Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role. Here are some records in the history of this ceremony. In Acting, Katharine Hepburn is the most awarded actress with four Oscars for Best Actress in a Leading Role. John Ford received also four Oscars for best director. Concerning the most awarded movies, Ben-Hur, Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King all were awarded with eleven awards.

        The name Oscar come from the nickname of these golden statuettes. Just for the info, the awards are made of an alloy of different metals but in the final step, they are tempered in real gold. As in these events the red carpet is even as more important as the actual ceremony, I will be focusing on my favourite looks of this 87th Academy Awards ceremony.

     The Victoria Secret Namibian model Behati Prinsloo was wearing a red and black gown made of red stone-like ornaments and black tulle. This outfit is prefect if you want to stand out from the classical gowns but at the same time keep the appropriate attire for this kind of events. She chose the foolproof accessories to stay discreet and stylish.


      Once again, Emma Stone is outstanding in her red carpet look (same as during the Golden Globes). This time she was wearing Elie Saab Haute Couture. Her long pale green sequins dress is a really wise choice for her. Having her hair colour and her skin type, it is really hard to find an outfit as convenient as this one. Her usual natural style make up is once again a must do! She was nominated for her role in Birdman for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, but Patricia Arquette got it for her role in Boyhood.


        Cate Blanchett was stunning in her Martin Margiela Couture black dress. This is in my opinion the highest point of “chicness”. The dress is long and simple but with a touch of originality with the fringes on the sleeves. Her statement blue necklace from Tiffany is the top to light your sober outfit. This turquoise colour just makes her eyes even more fascinating. When looking at her, we are looking at her as a person rather than at her material belongings. The powers of fashion can do many things! She was presenting the Award of Best Actor in a Leading Role, attributed to Eddie Redmayne for his role in The Theory of Everything. There was an obvious complicity between them during the ceremony which makes her go up in my esteem as a person who is happy for the success of others.


        Last but not least, as she always make such great impressions on the red carpet, the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o. She was wearing a white/cream dress made of sewn pearls from Calvin Klein Collection. The last year’s Oscarised actress chose an original and elegant outfit which is a piece of jewellery in itself. Her earrings create a nice contrast between the nacre of the pearls and the transparent of the diamonds. Her make up is ideal to light up her outfit without giving this effect of “too much”. Just for the record, this dress has 6 000 hand sewn pearls and is worth 150 thousands dollars. By the way, this same dress was stolen in her London hotel room yesterday. Well we can say that beauty is ephemeral!




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