Inspirational Wednesday Ego.

Laura Callaghan.

The illustrations are bright, modern and cultural. The artist represents the ego in our modern times and shows how self-expression and visual personalities are important nowadays. She did some work for Urban Outfitters, Nylon Magazine so keep your eyes open!

laura Laura Callaghan2 laura 4laura 3laura 2

Fly Art.

A surprisingly fresh combination of hip-hop and art. Hip-Hop culture is full of artists that are sure of their choices and aren’t afraid to express it so why not transpose the lyrics on old-school representations of life?

tumblr_n045tzKtMf1t7z5mbo1_1280fly 4

fly2 tumblr_n2zytuY7F01t7z5mbo2_r1_1280fly  fly 3

Terry Richardson.

Surely he is provocative but he does put artists at ease in front of the camera. His photos are bright and powerful as they represent powerful identities. All are different but all are confident in their environment.

terry_richardson_lil_wayne_01 terry terry 5 terry 4 terry 3 terry 2



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