Premiere Thursday Ego.

movies that will change your perspective on things.

Altered States.

       A student known for his slightly unusual ideas decides to conduct personal experiments in a chamber in which he isolates himself. A few years later, being a scientist, he decides to pursue these tests by analyzing the impacts of a hallucinatory drug. Slowly, he regresses genetically and everything around him is altered.

The Dark Side of the Rainbow.

       A psychedelic synchronization of Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the moon with the classical movie of the Wizard of Oz. Somehow, the music and the visuals evolve in the same direction making you understand the movie without words. Here is the full movie.


       This movie is said to not only represent a full range of emotions we experience as humans but it also has the ability to produce them when we actually watch it. The soundtrack is magical and the visuals are mind-blowing. You will see the calm of rain-forests, cascades, monks meditating but will also be exposed to the rush of our contemporary world.


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