Casual Friday Ego.

Selfish Fashion

         The love of clothes, brands and defining the character through what we wear is a trait of fashion that is of great importance for some people of our generation. Bloggers share with us their ideas and inspirations; they present to us new looks and introduce unknown designers while promoting them on their websites.

         It happens quite often that we find ourselves staring jealously at the screen, while wanting to have just one piece or all of the beautiful clothing that we are exposed to. As girls, we know the feeling when these blogs, despite of presenting beautiful clothes, make us sometimes sad and even guilty that we do not own one of these overpriced but beautiful it-bags that seem to be a must have of fashionable and artistic expression. Despite being pleasing to the eye, the question arises whether famous bloggers start to be figures of clever marketing strategies or whether this fashion can be regarded as innovative liberal inspirations for the closet.

Let us investigate this more closely:

          One has to keep in mind that some of the bloggers who are successful in the things they are doing, are sponsored by big fashion companies, for example Dior, Chanel and so on. These companies send them clothes, accessories and other objects with a decent payout if their clothes are posted on their websites. Of course I do not mean all of the bloggers get offers like that. The more a blog is read by the public, the more the blog catches the attention of a big fashion company. This deal brings advantages to both parties the blogger and the blogger is happy to be equipped by new clothes, which can help the blogger to increase the popularity of the blog, because of new outfits and inspirations, while the companies see a perfect opportunity to advertise their brand. Considering this, can we then still speak of independent inspired fashion by the blogger, who should share initially their own ideas with us and not the ideas of the companies who seem to promote their ideas through the blogger?

           As liberate as fashion blogs seems to appear, they are actually not. Especially if we are forced to believe that we have to own one of these expensive trends in order to be able to belong to a group of people who is considered to be fashionable. It is indisputable that the luxury fashion industry has become monopolistic. It seems to lie in the past of fashion blogs which presented us liberal inspired and affordable fashion. Instead we are now bombarded with the same luxury clothes, with which most of us cannot associate and that leave no place for individual expression. They may scratch our ego, because some of us are not able to afford the clothes which seem to be in.

            It is everybody’s own decision to decide whether he wants to belong to the dictated fashion circus or instead realize that actually this cannot be regarded as fashion instead but more a clever marketing strategy. It is regrettable that in our contemporary society, emphasis is made on fortune and similarities instead of the personal expression and experimentation with local or affordable brands.



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