Sunday Chill Ego.

feed the ego.

“We have a world of our own. We have a peculiar way of looking at things. By current standards we are anormal, but we are true to our inner development.”

– Anaïs Nin.

“If you think you’re smart,
think twice to be smarter.”

– Toba Beta.

tumblr_myf9iqTw5N1qg6iyro1_1280 SARAH-ORTMEYER-MACHO-AMORE-2013-MILANO-71-663x900

“I keep myself to myself.”

– Javier Marias.

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.”

– John Lennon.

laurence anywaysjan massys- suzanne et les vieillards

“sometimes when everything seems at
its worst
when all conspires
and gnaws
and the hours, days, weeks
years seem wasted –
stretched there upon my bed
in the dark
looking upward at the ceiling
i get what many will consider an
obnoxious thought:
it’s still nice to be

– Charles Bukowski.

tumblr_n48xu1uS891rrns0oo1_1280 tumblr_lkvtiwtkqH1qagdplo1_500sondra peterson sasha kurmaz

“If you spend your life sparing people’s feelings and feeding their vanity, you get so you can’t distinguish what should be respected in them.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald.

“Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.”

– Marina Abramovic.

yves saint laurent by irving penn Bild 025 tumblr_lugostaD471qhsmllo1_1280 memory (1948 version), magritte

“Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent.”

– Sigmund Freud.

“Forget the self and you will fear nothing, in whatever level or awareness you find yourself to be.”

– Carlos Castaneda.


“The source of wisdom and power, of love and beauty, is within ourselves, but not within our egos. It is within our consciousness. Indeed, its presence provides us with a conscious contrast which enables us to speak of the ego as if it were something different and apart: it is the true Self whereas the ego is only an illusion of the mind.”

– Paul Brunton.

“At least when one speaks of oneself one is passionate, well-informed and specific.”

– Jan Neruda.

“Today self-consciousness no longer means anything but reflection on the ego as embarrassment, as realization of impotence: knowing that one is nothing.”

– Theodor Adorno.

tumblr_n06pupuaE01qc4bqio1_500 polcadots&circles8-anywho



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