Space Inspirational Wednesday.

Jean-François Lepage.

The french artist combines the techniques of painting and photography to offer a new perspective of the fashion world. His work is modified and reminds us of fine arts work that we wish could be more present in magazines. A strange but refreshing perspective for us and his publishers.

15  ozartsetc_jean-francois-lepage_photography_03-e1385576781871676678lepage-22-565x444

Lars Moereels.

The Belgian artist is now based in Berlin and essentially touches upon photography and graphic design. His world is colorful and full of interesting ideas. The artist often states he finds our world unappealing  and therefore he wants to portray it differently. To do so, he add brightness, amazing contrasts and touches of popping colors to transport us to an imaginary world full of fantasy.

lars 2moereels-international-phonecalls moreelslars moereelsmoereels-maria-part1-holy-smokes

Mihoko Ogaki.

The still plastic figures that Ogaki creates are filled up with little leds that project a Milky Way- Breath pattern on the surrounding space. With this project, the artist inspects the notions of body in space, death and rebirth. After all, her view on the cycle of birth-death proves we are just little beings in movement in a much broader space.

MW_insta_231082117497 Light-mihoko-ogaki-3-600x845Mihoko Ogaki Mihoko-Ogaki-sculpture229MW2



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