Space Casual Friday.

           This week was the fall-winter 2015-2016 women’s wear Paris Fashion week. The designers did a really great job for next winter. It was really creative, innovative and refreshing. One collection that stood out of the calendar of this week is the Iris Van Herpen one.

         As this week’s theme is Space, her futuristic collection is the perfect subject for today’s article. Iris is a 30 years old dutch fashion designer. She graduated of the Artez Institute of the Arts Arnhem and right after graduating she got a job for Alexander McQueen. Only a year after her graduation, she started her own brand. In 2011, she is a guest member of the Fédération française de la Couture. The list of awards she received is prestigious and extensive.

          Her last collective was really impressive and researches have been made on the technique and the fabrics to create a futuristic and “space” kind of atmosphere. Her role as a visionary artist is fully completed for this collection. Innovative but wearable clothes will make every fashionistas and ladies fall in love with this collection.

Here are the best look of the Fall winter 2015-2016 Iris Van Herpen parisian collection.

00290h_jpg_7584_north_420x_black 00300h_jpg_4703_north_420x_black00020h_jpg_1170_north_420x_black 00010h_jpg_8148_north_420x_black00140h_jpg_1358_north_420x_black



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