Space Saturday Night Live.

Mars One on its way to combating the space!

         The future is now! And so is the materialization of your space-fantasies. Humans are colonizing Mars and you, and the rest of TV audience, are about to witness it on the silver screen. Here’s why!


       When in 2011 two crazy visionary Dutch guys-Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders started talking about the idea of sending a bunch of high-tech stuff to Mars, they certainly did not imagine the size their project would take today. Nowadays-its all about sending people there, every two years to be exact. How it happened? Well. We would have to move back to 2011, when the whole application process started, because, although its a one-way journey, there are some willing people to combat the space. Since 2011, MarsOne-company now owned by Wielders, have selected a total of 1058 applicants from over 107 countries. During the careful selection process, 586 males and 472 females were selected to become the first humans to colonize the Red Planet. In 2018, the first satellite is going to be send, 4 humans following 7 years after that. After this groundbreaking moment, 2 people will follow every two years.

        One could ask how one man is planning on financing such a 6 billion dollars investement? Here comes the controversial part-with the usage of highly popular and highly-profitable TV-shows. Yes- a keeping-up-with-the-kardashians of the space-era, or, more applicably-Big Brother of space-era, as one of MarsOne crew members is the man behind the TV show himself. When Lansdorp was looking for investors, he realized that crowdfunding of the project may not be enough and chosen another way of funding his dream. The longest-running TV show in the history of silver screen in going to depict the life of the participants first on their 7-months long journey and afterwards, when already present on the planet.

          Hence comes the critique, mainly of the ethical side of the matter. But, all in all, it may appear sad that the only way humanity will be able to finance space colonization is with reality tv.



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