Green Inspirational Wednesday.

Jaimie Wylie.

We don’t know much about the artist’s personal life, or what brought them to photography but the way in which nature is captured caught our attention. The photographer can depict details in movement but also capture the fierce waves of seas throughout the world.

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Edie Sunday.

Edie Sunday is a young photographer living in Texas. She captures the beauty of feminine bodies and contrasts them with darker backgrounds or scenaries. Using only analog, her photography is somehow expiremental and intimate. She enjoys trying out new techniques which result in photos with layers of colors.

edie2edie1 edie 5 edie 4edie 3

Albert Bierstadt.

The painter of german origin moved to America to settle down. Being a part of the Hudson River School, his work focuses mainly on landscapes but portraying them in a romantic way. The paintings presented to us make us feel calm as there is a great play on lighting.


TL.28.2005.2 035



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