Green Premiere Thursday.

An Inconvenient truth (2006) directed by Davis Guggenheim.

       Is a documentary led by Al Gore, an American Politician who was Vice president of the United States. He brings to light the terrifying effects of Global warming and the impact it has already had and will persist to do so unless a collective drastic change is made around the world.

       The film is told in conjunction with Gore’s background as a Politician and looks at the intimate effect it has had on his own life, as well as on a larger scale. He uses statistics and figures to demonstrate the vast contrasts in results. Furthermore, he uses photographs taken at various times over the last few decades documenting famous environmental landmarks. Among them- Mountain Kilimanjaro, where there is a considerable change in snow coverage from the oldest to the most recent.

       Due to its factual whilst captivating content, the film has been implemented into educational curriculums in schools. However, this had been criticised for possible scientific and political alterations involved. Nevertheless, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ received two academy awards for Best documentary Feature and Best Original Song.

       In my opinion the film does a great job in raising the true nature of global warming in a confrontational way that doesn’t allow the audience to shy away from the tough subject. Although at the same time there is a message of hope presented- we just need to work together to restore the greeness to our planet. Nevertheless, it is a powerful depiction of the enormity we face to tackle.

”Did the planet betray us or did we betray the planet?”



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