Green Casual Friday.

      Once upon a time, in the beautiful city of London, a rockstar named Paul Mc Cartney had a daughter called Stella. Stella lived a nice life with loving parents between London and the english countryside. She has been in the artistic world since she was born because of his father being part of the Beatles and her mother being a photograph. She and her siblings lived a normal life despite the fame of their daddy.


        After an education in a public school, Stella goes to the Central Saint Martin school of design. Then being done with her studies, she started working for Christian Lacroix on one of his Haute Couture collection and then for Chloé in Paris. In 2001, She launches her own brand. In parallel to her own collections, she worked with a few other brands and created capsule collections for H&M and Adidas. Her fashion empire now goes from ready to wear to perfumes and accessories.


        Stella McCartney is well-known for her vegan inspirations in her work. She does not use any leather or fur. You can also follow a green lifestyle and being stylish, and Stella is the perfect example. Her style is really clean and pure. She goes back to basics and give an impression of natural through her designs. The most iconic piece in her collections is probably the chained bag.


         If you would like to complete your Stella McCartney green look with some green cosmetic, Aesop is perfect for you. This brand was created in 1987 in Melbourne, Australia. Their philosophy is to use plants based ingredients in their products to balance our skin or hair. The components are natural and not tested on animals. I personally use the T-tree toner and the camellia nuts face hydrating cream as well as an anti-blemish mask made of camomile and I really recommend them for their feeling of freshness, efficiency and the high quality end result. The price range goes roughly from 30 to 70 euros (




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