Green Saturday Night Live.

Mumbai’s ugly problem.

         Unfortunately the Slumdog Millionaire vistas are not only an invention of Hollywood producers. The problem of slums and omnipresent rubbish is real. And its getting worse.


        The city with a population of over 18 million people generates 9,000 metric tonnes of waste every day. What is worse, is that over 500,000 people live near or even inside rubbish landfills, who every morning have to witness the scene of 500 trucks dumping and expanding the never ending pile, which saw its start in 1927. It seems like India cannot deal with its skyrocketing economy and extreme urbanization, considering its miserable, not to say-absent, infrastructure. There is no one processing plant in the region and Mumbai is simply running out of space for its waste. The only ‘solution’ its authorities seemed to find was just finding newer landfills outside of the growing city.

       The problem seems to be more innate than just caused by careless citizens. Mumbai dwellers, as the majority of the nation’s citizens, are not used to taking care of their own rubbish. Once the garbage is removed from the household, it doesn’t belong to them at all. What is worse, dealing with trash is only what the lowest of the ranks in the cast system do, so those of the higher ranks would never think of segregating and recycling their garbage.

        Recently, the problem got so pronounced that the residents started protesting. Mainly because of the unbearable smell that accompanies a big part of the city’s resident areas. The only solution that the local authorities seemed to come up with was spraying the landfill with perfume to reduce the smell. The costs of the perfume is $114,000 for 42,000 litres,

        Such an ‘original campaign’ seemed quite unbelievable for Western standards, as it doesn’t solve the problem at all. As long as Indian residents don’t realize that dumping the garbage won’t get them anywhere as it needs to be processed, the problem doesn’t seem to be disappearing.



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